Sound Testing

Professional and Targeted Sound Testing Surveys

Complete Sustainability Solutions is pleased to be able to offer bespoke and efficient noise surveys to a growing number of businesses throughout the United Kingdom. Thanks to a hands-on and flexible approach, our technicians can meet the requirements of any sector; key when time and efficiency are important concerns. In order to better appreciate what we have to offer, let us quickly look at why an acoustic survey may be required.

Sound Testing for UK Clients at a Glance

Sometimes referred to as acoustic insulation testing, this type of survey is generally required on new properties as well as those which have recently been converted. The main goal is to determine how well a specific area (such as an office or an apartment) is insulated from exterior noises. Airborne examinations test how much sound is transmitted through the air while impact tests measure the amount of sound emitted through floors, ceilings and walls. The main takeaway point is that noise surveys should be carried out as soon as possible; preferably before rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens are installed.

Reliable Solutions for Modern Needs

The highly trained specialists at Complete Sustainability Solutions are fully capable of carrying out acoustic surveys throughout a wide variety of sectors. Our main goal is to provide economically feasible and bespoke services to a variety of sectors. If you would like to learn more or to schedule a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest possible convenience. Call our sound testing experts on 0161 706 0298 or email any enquiries to Alternatively, fill in your enquiry online using the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.