Sustainability Services

Find links below to our sustainability services at Complete Sustainability Solutions. These include air testing, BREEAM, energy statements and feasibility reports, HQM (Home Quality Mark), MEES (Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard), overheating analysis, SAP EPC, SBEM EPV, sound testing, sustainability statements, vent testing and water efficiency calculations. Get in touch with our team if you have any enquiries regarding our sustainability services on 0161 706 0298 or via email to

Our Sustainability Services:

Air Testing


Energy Statements / Feasibility Reports

HQM (Home Quality Mark)

MEES (Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard)

Overheating Analysis



Sound Testing

Sustainability Statements

Vent Testing

Water Efficiency Calculations

Benefits of choosing Complete Sustainability Solutions

  • We have professional teams: Our experts in different fields offer easy and understandable solutions to clients.
  • We offer thorough and quick sustainable services: Our experts are quick to respond to our client’s issues. We ensure that our customer’s problems are entirely fixed.
  • We have unique designs: We provide bold, long-lasting designs in calculations intended to fix our customers’ sustainable concerns.
  • We offer affordable sustainability service solutions: We provide cost-effective solutions to our customers and ensure our customers are satisfied with the end product.
  • We work according to our clients’ timescale: Our team works hard to meet our customers’ deadlines.

At Complete Sustainability Solutions, we aim at providing the best sustainability services to clients. We operate under the construction sector and ensure we have a positive impact on the environment. We have adequate experience and ensure we work under the building and environmental regulations.

Sustainable services are crucial elements of our sustainability plans designed to the needs our customers while improving environmental and social performance by reducing negative environmental impacts. As a Complete Sustainability Solutions, we aim to provide services that meet current demands without compromising the next generation’s capability to meet their wants. Our services include:

Water effectiveness calculations

We provide competent water calculations and advice on measures to increase water proficiency in all regions across the UK. Our experts in sustainability services are always available to help you meet the needed requirements. Our calculations will assist you in forecasting water usage and abiding by the regulations.

Overheating Analysis

Overheating analysis is done to forecast risks and make improvements for residents of a new home. We offer overheating analysis to our clients who want to abide by thermal comfort regulations.

Air leakage examination

Air permeability may occur in a building via cracks, holes or gaps. Air leakage impacts a building by determining the amount of heat retained or the amount of cold let out in a building. Our engineers work closely with technicians to ensure issues concerning air leakage are fixed.

Sound testing

A sound testing survey is mainly done in new buildings and recently converted buildings. We offer an effective sound survey to emerging businesses across the United Kingdom. Our sustainability service specialists are responsible for conducting a sound survey across all sectors.

Ventilation testing

This kind of sustainability service ensures that owners of new buildings have ventilation that complies with building ventilation standards. The main aim of this test is to ensure there is enough air circulation in a building.