Home Quality Mark (HQM)

The home quality mark (HQM) is meant to ensure that new homes meet construction quality demands. It aims at changing the perspective of consumers towards their selection of homes to buy or rent. Consumers should be able to know that their homes are well-built and that they are cost-effective. Homes that meet the HQM have less maintenance with low running costs, minimised environmental footprint, resilience to withstand flooding and overheating, good performance and good digital connectivity.

The Home Quality Mark was introduced by Building Research Establishment (BRE) in March 2015. Since then, it has been used by a lot of home buyers in making their purchase decisions. The HQM rating makes it possible to differentiate a new home’s quality. It can be trusted because independent experts provide unbiased analysis of the home’s quality. Complete Sustainability Solutions offers Home Quality Mark services across all sectors in the UK.

The Home Quality Mark (HQM) is a quality rating scheme for newly built houses in the UK. It has been created to ensure that new homes meet quality demands. The HQM is an unbiased assessment of the home, which assesses its environmental footprint, resilience to withstand flooding and overheating, good performance and good digital connectivity.

Since the introduction of the Home Quality Mark in March 2015 by Building Research Establishment (BRE), it has been used extensively by all buyers when choosing to buy or rent new homes.

Living In Homes With A Home Quality Mark

home quality markThe Home Quality Mark uses star rating to show the quality of a home based on running costs, effect on the health of occupants, environmental impact, resilience and performance. Complete Sustainability Solutions’ quality mark is focused on having a positive influence on the occupants of a home. It should be able to help them with initial advice to make good buying decisions and adjust their behaviour to improve performance of the house.

By inspecting systems and processes, it is possible to determine whether a home really delivers what it is expected to. A test is done to find out if the various services and controls are able to maintain good functionality even during extreme weather conditions. This way, homeowners can set in place methods to monitor their water and energy consumption and to make informed choices about whether or not to live in certain homes.

The Home Quality Mark also ensures that homes are able to work with their environment to reduce environmental impact and to increase benefits. We inspect the location of a home and examine the constraints and opportunities that come with it. Our HQM consultants check the land for contamination or pollution, nearness to proper infrastructure and amenities such as healthcare and educational facilities, transport systems, and the available space. We also check the design of homes for flexibility, safety, air quality, energy cost, lighting, noise, insulation, CO2 emissions and temperature. Points are awarded to sustainable homes that minimise energy costs and energy footprint and promote health, comfort and security.

The Home Quality mark provides impartial information about the sustainability of a new home through an unbiased expert. It tells you if the house has high standards for running costs, health and wellbeing benefits and environmental footprint so that everyone understands the quality of a new-build home.

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