If you’re involved in residential building projects, you may have encountered the term SAP EPC. SAP, which stands for Standard Assessment Procedure, plays a vital role in ensuring energy efficiency and compliance with CO2 targets in building designs.

A SAP calculation is required at both the Design Stage and the As-Built Stage of residential building projects. It’s crucial to get the specification right from the start, as making changes during construction can affect the final calculation.

Complete Sustainability Solutions is a registered company specialising in SAP EPCs. We use SAP’s Environmental Product Declaration software to calculate the energy and environmental performance, of buildings and construction projects. Our services cover new build, renovation, and refurbishment projects.

What is SAP?

SAP calculation, also known as Standard Assessment Procedure, is a mandatory requirement for all new residential buildings. It involves a comprehensive assessment that verifies compliance with CO2 targets set for building designs. The assessment is created using design drawings and is cross-referenced with building regulations specific to different regions.

In England and Wales, it aligns with Approved Document Part L, while in Scotland, it adheres to the Technical Handbook Section 6. The SAP calculation focuses on two key factors: the Dwelling Emission Rate (DER) and the Design Fabric Energy Efficiency (DFEE) rating. Both of these should meet or be lower than the respective target rates (TER and TFEE) for the design to be considered compliant.

The Role of SAP Software

To facilitate the SAP calculation process, specialized software is used. The SAP software performs calculations based on the design specifications and factors such as heating systems, insulation, ventilation, and renewable energy sources. Once the construction is completed, the SAP software is used to conduct air testing, and based on the results, an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is generated.

The Energy Performance Certificate is a mandatory requirement before a completed building can be sold or rented out. It provides valuable information about the energy efficiency and environmental impact of the building, aiding potential buyers or tenants in making informed decisions.

Importance of SAP EPC

SAP EPC serves multiple purposes and offers various benefits for both builders and property owners including;

Statutory Compliance: SAP EPC is a legal requirement for certain types of residential construction projects, including extensions and loft conversions. If you plan to rent or sell your property within six months of completion, SAP certification is necessary to obtain building control and planning approval. Additionally, SAP EPC ensures your project receives the required energy certifications.

Streamlined Documentation: SAP software is specifically designed for generating Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), simplifying the documentation and reporting process for builders and developers. Using SAP software can significantly reduce the time and effort required to produce an SAP EPC certificate, offering a time-efficient solution compared to other software options.

Accepted Certification Reports: SAP EPC reports generated through the SAP software are universally accepted by all energy companies, including major players like Scottish Power and NPower. These reports serve as crucial documentation for SAP subsidy purposes and energy costs. Other software solutions currently do not provide the same level of certification for SAP projects.

Alignment with Green Deal: SAP software is built in accordance with the government’s Green Deal requirements for renewable technologies. By using SAP for your project, you position yourself favourably to access green deal funding when it becomes available. This funding can provide additional support for implementing energy-efficient and sustainable practices in your construction projects.

SAP Calculations by Complete Sustainability Solutions

standard assessment procedure

When it comes to SAP assessment and calculations, Complete Sustainability Solutions is a trusted and registered SAP EPC company. Our team uses SAP’s Environmental Product Declaration software to conduct accurate and reliable SAP calculations for various types of projects, including new builds, renovations, and refurbishments.

We understand the importance of getting the specifications right from the beginning to avoid complications during the construction process.

Our experienced SAP assessors work closely with clients, offering tailored SAP assessment schemes to ensure compliance with energy efficiency standards. Whether you’re working on a single property or a large-scale development, our team has the expertise to assist you in achieving your energy cost and sustainability goals.

In addition to SAP calculations, we provide comprehensive consultancy services, including energy assessments and analysis of dwelling and appliance energy performance. Our consultants will carefully analyze your SAP results to ensure they align with the client’s requirements and expectations.

Make your residential building projects more sustainable with reliable SAP calculations from Complete Sustainability Solutions. Contact us today!

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