BREEAM Assessor

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BREEAM Rating And Why It Is Important

BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method. It is a code for sustainable building and was first established as Building Research Establishment (BRE) in 1990. It is a leading method for assessing, rating and certifying how sustainable buildings are. BREEAM encourages designers and building owners to consider the use of low impact and low carbon designs and to reduce the energy needs of buildings.

The Purpose Of BREEAM

  • A BREEAM assessor makes it possible for building owners and designers to understand the importance of adopting sustainable building approaches. This way, they can reduce the environmental impact of building construction.
  • Businesses that are environmentally friendly tend to have better productivity, good employee morale, an attractive corporate image and low operational costs. BREEAM ratings make it possible for businesses to understand just how environmentally friendly they are and to put in measures to improve energy efficiency if necessary. A high BREEAM rating makes a commercial building more attractive to buyers. Many business owners in the UK are starting to recognise the need for BREEAM certification and using a BREEAM assessor.
  • BREEAM standards help to maintain good indoor air quality, sufficient lighting, and thermal comfort. These factors not only help to maintain the comfort and morale of employees. They also promote good health.
  • Landlords use BREEAM rating as a way to reduce costs of operation and refurbishment. BREEAM rated buildings are energy efficient because they adopt efficient lighting, efficient equipment, efficient heating and low water consumption. Tenants are likely to pay higher costs for buildings with high BREEAM assessor rating.


Bream rating can be outstanding, excellent, very good, good, or pass. The rating is based on performance and gives points for; energy, pollution, land use, ecology, transport, materials, water consumption and efficiency, materials and health and well-being. The points for each section are multiplied by an environmental weighting factor based on how important individual sectors are seen to be. The results for each section are then combined to give the overall score. Buildings with the highest environmental safety, comfort and efficient designs have the highest BREEAM rating.

As more and more people continue to adopt green lifestyles, it is expected that the demand for sustainable buildings will increase too. As this page explains, BREEAM is a great way for building owners to play a role in keeping the world sustainable. If you are looking for expert BREEAM assessor services, contact our team at Complete Sustainability Solutions on 0161 706 0298 or email any enquiries to